Machete Bar

The Machete Bar is a great exclamation point to a day on the river.  Anglers gather to tell stories and buy their guides a celebratory beer, sometimes staying late enough to get out and start fishing again.


Craft cocktail enthusiasts flock to head bartender Sadie Montana to enjoy her gift for creating unique cocktails, using local fruits and herbs that capture the essence of Swan Valley.   



A tribute to the late, great Evel Knievel,


The Machete Bar is named in honor of legendary wilderness explorer “Jonny Machete”, who frequently wielded his famous blade in the Swan Valley.   Inside, the spirit of Evel Knievel lives through memorabilia and a classic pinball machine that bears his name.  The bar itself features rich wood, vintage furniture and shelves stocked with bottles that will make any spirits aficionado want to climb our ladder to the top. The bar is warm, comfortable, rustic and refined.

The Machete Bar is just one of many surprising amenities anglers visiting South Fork Lodge can enjoy.

The Restaurant

Anglers sitting down to a meal at South Fork Lodge will instantly begin to doubt that they’re really on a fishing retreat and not sitting in some Michelin-reviewed restaurant featuring white-glove service.

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